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Edna's Armenian Coffee

The Armenian, Turkish, Middle Eastern method of brewing coffee consists of pouring coffee in boiling water, together with an equal amount of sugar.


Pure Brazilian Coffee


Balkan style coffee

Bravo Coffee


Cafe' Du Monde

New Orleans french style Coffee, must never be reheated.

Efendi Coffee

Turkish Coffee, Most popular in Turkey

Trablit Coffee Extract

Concentrated coffee extract. just mix with hot water, et voila! used in confectionary, cakes etc.

Venizelos Coffee

Greek style coffee

Apricot tea

Croatian Fruit/herb tea, 20 poshets, the many benefits of tea have been recognised since ancient times, it stimulates the nervous system because of its Theine (caffeine) content.

Black Currant Fruit Tea

20 poshets, Drinking Tea makes you feel like you're indulging, but it's actually good for you.

Marasca Cherry Tea

20 poshets

Raspberry Fruit Tea

20 poshets

Wild Strawberry Tea

20 poshets

Fruit & Herb Blend

20 poshets. Ingredients in this fine tea includes Hibiscus flower, Apple fruit, Rosehip halves, Orange peel, Sunflower petals, etc...

Croatian Chamomile Tea.

20 poshets. Tea has wonderful healing properties as well as being delicious and soothing. We have many teas to choose from, including Asian, Croatian, German, English and Indian Teas.

Croatian Ciciban Herb Tea.

20 poshets. Pour freshly boiled water over a tea bag in a cup, leave standing for 5-10 minutes, remove tea bag and enjoy!

Croatian elder Herb Tea.

20 poshets.

Croatian Hibiscus herb Tea.

20 poshets.

Crotian Linden Herb Tea.

20 poshets.

Croatian Mint Herb tea.

20 poshets.

Croatian Rosehip Herb Tea.

20 poshets.

Dieter's Tea.

12 poshets, Contains no caffeine or chemicals, fights constipation, for best results, use porcelain or glass container, cover cup with lid for 5 minutes. Stir and press Tea bag gently with spoon & stir well to fully release fragrance of herb, do not add sugar.


Royal Jelly Tea, 30 poshetts

Korean Ginseng Tea

10 pockets. Made from original Korean roots. Disolve the contents of one or two packets in either hot or cold water, add honey or sugar if desired.

Twining Earl Grey Tea.

25 poshets. Legend has it that the second Earl Grey was presented with exquisite secret recipe by an envoy on his return from China.

Pure Green Tea.

25 poshets, Aids digestion stimulates the circulation and heartbeat, it is a diuretic rich in manganese, iodine & copper.

Orange Pekoe Tea.

25 poshets. Among the best varieties of teas is the Orange Pekoe, it has large fragrant leaves & a delicate taste giving an amber colored infusion, served perfectly without milk.
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