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Marinated Artichoke Hearts


Marinated Mushrooms


Baby Eggplants


Baby Okra w/Tomatoes

Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern

A North African staple, made of fine semolina grains,so easy to prepare, just boil water and add in the grains, five minutes later it's ready. You can flavor it with spices, vegetables,pastas or Chutney.


Stuffed Grape leaves (Greek)

Eggplant Dolma

Just heat & eat!


The original and ancient "Veggie burger" from the Middle East. Deep fried and seved in pita bread, topped with a little Yogurt or Tahini and pickled Turnips.


This French bean is a long and slender pea that can be used in many dishes or served on its own. Tender and tasty.

Foul Mudammas

Also known as Fava beans from the Middle East, very easy to prepare, drain liquid, add olive oil and lemmon juice, parsley, tomatoes, green onions and hard boiled eggs and some salt to taste.

A little cumin spice will greatly improve this delicious bean salad.

French Polenta

Delicious side dish.

Grapes Leaves

Stuff your own grape leaves

Two Hearts from Canada

Artichoke and Hearts of palm Bruchetta. Serve in salads, toss with pasta or use in sauces.

Hearts of Palm

South America

Kibbe Meat

(P)The national dish of Lebanon.Pure, no fat, fresh raw ground beef. Ground and ground again, used for Kibbi dishes or Kibbi Neyye.

Perishable, min. order 5, ship economy to CA.AZ.NV.UT.all other states 1-2 day air.

Kibbi Neyye Mix

(for 1 lb. meat)1 bag includes the right combination of Bulgur, onions, allspice,cinnamon, cumin,salt,pepper,Aleppo hot peppers, the other bag contains Pine nuts

Lentil Mix

A fine Lentil Dish



Nutted Pilaf

Ready in minutes to make your everyday meals special, serve with your favorite meat, chicken, fish or vegetable entrees.

Rice Pilaf

Discover the delicious pilafs of the Mediterranean World, this is a time-honored recipe. the finest ingredients are used to recreate the flavor of this timeless cuisine



Spanish rice

Spanish rice An authentic Andalusian pilaf, made from flavorful blend of rice, vegetables and zesty spices


This salad mixture includes Bulgur,parsley,tomatoes,mint and other spices.Combined with thinly sliced Romain letuce, olive oil and lemon juice, a great summer salad.

Risotto Mushroom

A fine Italian Rice meal

Coquilles au Crevettes

(Shrimp in Seashells)Kit contains; 2 Shells, enough ingredients for 12 servings.Chopped Parsley, Chopped Shallots, Garlic flakes, Coarce Seasalt Crystals,Pepper, Breadcrumbs and recipes


Egg shaped Bulgur, stuffed with ground lamb & spices, semi cooked appetisers, all you do is heat & enjoy. (P) Perishable Min order 2, ship economy to CA.AZ.UT.NV.other states 1-2 day air

Spanakoupites Greek Appetizers

Delicious pastry stuffed with spinach & spices, low in cholesterol, no saturated fats, and no artificial flavoring.perfect for entertaining guests.

(P)Perishable min. order 2, ship economy to CA.AZ.UT.NV. other states 1-2 day air.

Tyropites Greek Appetizers

A flaky pastry stuffed with Feta cheese. a wonderful party snack. (P) Perishable Min. order 2, ship economy to CA.AZ.UT.NV. other states 1-2 day air.





Imam Bayildi

Eggplant appetizer (Turkey)

Roasted Peppers

Important ingredient for every kitchen.


Mix of roasted eggplant pureed with Tahini.Served as a side dish or a dip. ready to eat out of the can.


Chickpea dip,Chickpea paste blended with Tahini,add lemon juice and salt to taste and serve with a drizzle of olive oil.

Tahini (Sesame seed dip)

Used as a dip,salad dressing, goes well with Pita bread, Shish kebob,barbeque chicken,and Falafels.

Simply mix with a little water until it becomes white & creamy, add lemon juice, salt and crushed garlic to taste.

Chestnut Puree

A French favorite

Chestnut Spread!

Made of creamed roasted Chestnuts, flavored with Vanilla, a true holiday specialty.

Black Olive Paste

A smooth olive spread, great on crackers

Anchovy Paste



Hot & Spicy

Roasted Peppers


Black Olive


Green Olive




Roasted Garlic



Fine Mushrooms from France with a rich yellow color and appricot-like flavor.

Dried Cepes

Another fine French Mushroom with an extremely rich flavor that's just perfect for Beef Stroganoff or any Pasta sauce.

Italian Dry Porcini

Italian fancy Mushrooms have many uses. They can be enjoyed in salads, braised, blended in sauces, grilled,sauteed or baked.

Urbani Truffle Juice


Urbani Truffle Peelings


Plantin, Whole Fine Truffles

The taste of Truffles is so intense that sometimes they are used as flavoring in cheeses, olive oils,Pates, etc.

Whole Truffles from Lebanon

30 oz.can, 15 oz. drained. The least expensive Truffles on the market
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