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Extra Large Burgundy Snails

3 doz. of the largest Burgundy (highest quality)Snains, fully cooked. Simply toss with pasra, float them in a soup,skewer them for kabobs, saute them with vegetables, serve them over fresh fish,enjoy.

Burgundy Snails

2 doz. Very large Wild Burgundy Escargots, this product is fully cooked. serve with pasta, soups, kabobs, saute, fish, or stuffed, be creative, and enjoy.

Petit Burgundy Snails

4 Doz. Small Escargots de Bourgogne Sauvage, ideal for fancy restaurants. Fully cooked.


6 Doz. Extra large snails, best served as an appetizer.contains Vitamins A & C,Calcium,Magnesium, Zing,Copper and Iodine. Farmed specially to be consumed as a delicacy

Burgogne Escargots

8 Doz. Very large snails,the highest quality of snails from Burgundy France(Pometia). do you know You can keep uncooked escargots for months in the freezer.

Burgundy Snail set

2 Dozen very large Escargots de Bourgogne Sauvage, 1 dozen X large Snail shells. enjoy!!

Burgundy Escargot Set

2 doz.large Burgundy Escargots,1doz. XL Escargot shells, 2 (6 pocket) Escargot plates,2 Escargot Tongs,2 Escargot forks,1 Escargot butter mix (just add the butter)


Escargot Butter Mix.

One pack contains chopped parsley,garlic flakes, shallots,Kosher salt & pepper, the other pack contains Italian breadcrumbs. enough mixture for more than 72 Escargots.

Also many recipes for Escargot butter mix uses on other dishes.

Escargot Utensils

Snail Plate

Stainless steel plate,for baking and serving a half doz. very savory Escargots,6 deep depressions hold both the snail and its sauce. Reusable.

Snail Plate

Escargot plates like these are standard equipment in French restaurants, designed for baking and serving your Escargots a la Bourguignonne

Snail Dish

Ovenproof, white Porcelain snail dish , 6 deep pockets holds both snails and sauce warm while you are eating.

Snail Dish

Ovenproof, white Porcelain plate, serving 12 snails, the standard kitchenware in French restaurants, tres chic.

Snail Casserole

Porcelain, with handle, serving 6 escargots, ovenproof,easy to carry from hot oven to the table. Bon appetit!


Snail Dish "Honey"

"Honey" porcelain escargot dish, serving 6 snails, can go from oven to table, popular in Paris bistros.


Escargot Shells

XL 1 Doz. reusable, essential to make an Escargot meal as authentic as if you were in a French Bistro.

Snail Tongs

French stainless steel Snail tongs, also great for Clams, Oisters, Crabs etc. Dishwasher safe.

Snail Forks

Two pronged Stainless steel Snail fork, reusable, also used with Fish, Crabs, Lobsters, Oisters, Clams. Measures 6"
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