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Custom Made Gift Baskets
Please email us with the name and address of recipient and greeeting message to be included in basket!


Snak-Pak Deluxe

A generous serving of roasted almonds, Jordan almond candies, juicy jellies, sesame honey cruch candies, pistachio nuts and more

Chocolate Lovers

A wonderful mix of imported Swiss & other fruit filled chocolates

Wine Cordial

Next time you're invited to a dinner party,greet your host with this impressive rattan bottle tote basket filled with assorted nuts, a silk rose, and a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon...

The Beauty Basket

This is a lovely gift for her.comes with scented Glycerine soaps, Lotions,Perfume,Loofa,Towel,Potpouri etc.

Little Kisses

The recepient of this heart shaped basket will be thrilled to find Hershey's kisses, gourmet European chocolates, more kisses,Jorden almond candies, more kisses,Sesame honey crunch,and even more kisses

Heavenly Chocolate Basket

In a beautiful heart shaped basket, we put Pirouette Fourre chocolates, 4 Swiss fruit filled chocolate bars.Goo Goo supremes,Ferro Rocher Italian crunchy chocolates, small pack of Cocoa & lots of Kisses

Beer-Nuts Basket

For the connoisseurs, International Beer sampler from around the world,from Holland Premium Lager, from Japan Dry Asahi beer,Henninger Premium from Germany,Danish Bear beer,"mississippi Mud" from good old U.S.A etc.don't forget the nuts!!

International Gourmet Corporate

This is our most populag basket because it's got all. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, French Onion soup mix, mini crackers, Homus, Dolma stuffed Grapes leaves, Cheese, Ginseng tea, Almond Candies, Coffee candies and more.

Hot Damn!! Chili Basket

Knorr Swiss Hot and Sweet soup, Turkish hot Tarhana Soup, hot Sardines from Morrocco, Thai hot Crab meat, Hot Mango Chutney fom India, Hot harissa sauce from Morrocco, Hot Pepper Dip from Bulgaria, Hot chili pods Mexico.

International Banquet Supreme

This large basket caters to all exotic food lovers. Comes with Humos and Dish, Couscous, Tabouli, Pasta sauce, exotic Jam, Pate, Mango chutney,Cornichons, Crackers,Tea and two cloth napkins.


Contains such goodies as Marinated artichokes, Mushroom Pate, Pickles, Caviar, Dijon Mustard, Brie or Camenbert Cheeses, Sparkling Apple cider, Cafe du Monde, Creme caramel, Knorr French Onion soup etc...s

Mamma Mia That's Italian

You cannot miss with Italian food, this large basket comes with a bottle of Chianti, two cloth napkins, Gourmet Pasta and sauce, Green olives, Marinated Artichokes, Gourmet dressing, Pistachios, breadsticks, and a generous supply of cappuccino Coffee candies

Romantique gold basket

In a bed of soft, delicate lace you have a bottle of champagne, two gold rimmed cristal flutes,a jar of Romanoff Caviar and gourmet cracker,French cheese, two Napkins holders completes this most romantique of all bskets.Great as a wedding gift.

Baby Carriage basket

Most pratical Baby shower gift. Baby carriage basket with baby necessities, a bib, booties, hooded towel, baby bottle, brush & comb set, rattle, teething ring and don't forget the darling Teddy bear, comes in blue, pink or yellow motive.

vive la France

For the real connoisseur of French cuisine, feast your eyes on this Deluxe basket, the handle decorated with French bleu-blanc-rouge ribbon, includes two napkins, 6 dz. escargots, 1 dz. Shells, a cabernet Sauvignon wine, cornichons, camembert, Dijon mustard and French Candies

International Elegance

This keepsake double-handed wrought iron basket will have many uses after all the goodies are consumed, what goodies you ask? Martinelli sparkling cider, gourmet pasta and sauce, English cookies, French mustard, marinated California Artichokes, Swiss fruit filled chocolates, Croatian tea, and much more...

Wine lover's Foursome

4 different great wines from 4 corners of the world,a bottle Sauvignon Blanc,a Merlot, one Pinot noir and one bottle Burgundy from Chili, Australia, California and France. Dry salmi,cheese,nuts,crackers:a wlcome gift to any wine lover on your list.

Gourmet Teas Basket

A great collection of aromatic teas, such as:Earl Grey,Green tea,breakfast tea, Ginseng,and Dieters tea,and many fruit flavored teas from Croatian and assorted cookies and candies.

Fruits et Fromages

After all the delicious seasonal fruits, European cheeses, Italian dry salami, Imported crackers,dried fruits and unique gourmet candies are devoured, this beautiful double decked display will add elegance to any kitchen for years to come

Wine Lover's Deluxe

Substitute the four wines (mentioned above)with four world famous French wines,French dry salami,French cheese,nuts,crackers,will complete this fabulous Gift basket

Gourmet Tower

In our beautiful 2 tiered Tower basket we feature a bottle of Cabernet sauvignon and a bottle of Chardonnay California wine, gourmet cheeses, crabmeat, pate foie gras,breadsticks and a huge amount of nuts,candies and dried fruits, topped with a beautiful silk rose

Gourmet Tower Deluxe

In this basket we substitute the dried fruits and nuts with a large amount of seasonal fresh fruits and upgrade to fine premium French wine

Champagne Tower

This basket consists of the best 2 Champagne France can offer, such as Cordon Rouge and Moett Chandon.Then we add 2 packs of European Breadstiks and Caviar, Crabmeat,we did not forget the cheese.We will throw in one camembert and one brie. And to top it all,a pate,a jar of cornichons,Dijon mustard and lots of dried fruits and candies.

Golden or Silver wonder basket

This colossal basket is perfect for a golden anniversary or other special occasions. Holds more than 3 times the amount of goodies of the next largest basket on the market. Contents are too numerous to list but we'll give it a try,1 Merlot,1 Sauvignon,jams,coffees, mustards,crackers,dolmas,artichokes,baklava, tabouli,pistachio,salami,olives,brie,the list goes on and on and on...
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