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Aleppo Ghar Soap

All natural Syrian soap with pure ingredients

Black Henna

Natural cosmetic dye that dates back to ancient Egypt

Red Henna

all natural cosmetic dye

Lava Rock

For bath & skin softening


30" long and extra thick, nature's bath scrub.

Cold Wax "Mim"


Perfumed Cold Wax

Ancient beauty secret from Persia for smoother, hair free skin.

Complete Armenia Cook Book

Armenian recipes

Complete Middle Eastern Cookboock

Middle Eastern recipes.

Greek Cookbook

Greek recipes

Lebanese Cookbook

Lebanese Recipes such as Hommus, Taboule etc..

Kitchen Calc.

Recipe calculator w/digital TimerThe only recipe scaling and conversion calculator on the market.Converts oz. lb. gr. kiloConverts centigrade (c) to Fahrenheit (f)

Mother-of -Pearl Caviar Spoons

Naturally luminescent mother-of pearl is ideal for use with caviar because it does not affect flavor, and makes a beautiful presence at your table. Each 3.5"spoon is envelopped in its own blue velvet case.

Caviar Ladle

Handling Caviar correctly is an art in itself.

This ladle allows the server to gently bestow 30 grams of perfect Caviar.

Vodka Cooler & Serving Set.

Vodka is the drink of choice with Caviar because it refreshes the palate.

This set provides the ideal way to serve it, perfectly chilled between sips.

Set includes a bucket and six individuals cups.

16" Kebob Skewer Twist

What you would need for a perfect Shish Kebob,also good for Veggie kebobs. look for Kebob Spices in our spice pages.

Arabic Coffee Cup

Arabian coffee tastes better in this

Chrome Noodle Machine

With knobe to change thickness of pasta

Oyster Knife


Lobster Cracker

With scraper

Baking Shells

5-5.5" For seafood (Coquille St Jacques, Scallops,Scampi etc..) and salad serving,

Brass Mortar & Pestle

Functional and decorative

Brass Cymbals

For Belly Dancers, Authentic from Arabia.

Wooden Mortar & Pestle

Decorative from the Middle East

Ceramic Dish

For Foul, Hommus or Tahine

Coffee Pot

Armenian, Turkish, Arabian Coffee Pot

Falafel Mold w/Spoon

You want to get fancy with your falafel? this will definitely help you.

Gold Rim Tea Glass

The Middle Eastern and Asian cultures use glasses for their tea consumption.

Turkish Coffee Cup Set

(6 pieces China)- This six piece set of China Turkish demitasse cups are decorative and dainty.

Small Argile

Syrian Water Pipe

Syrian Argile

Water Pipe

Ornate Argile,Water Pipe

Beautiful hand made pipes are not only functiopnal but visually appealing.imported from the Middle East


Tobaco for Argile with many flavors

Charcoal for Argile

Waterpipe charcoal

Hanging Incense Burner

From Arabia, Hand made, Decorative

Backgammon Set

All hand made imports with beatiful inlaid dual color wood and mother of pearl, from Khan Khalil, Egypt

Mustard oil

Pure,from India


incense, mentioned in the Bible

Prayer Rug

(Small) from Egypt

Prayer Rug

(Large)From Egypt
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