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Apricot Jam

Full of Vitamins & sweetness, stimulates digestion

Cornelian Cherry Jam

Only one variety of Cherry makes this very special jam.

Rose Jam

Syrians are masters in using rose water in all kinds of delicacies, such as Baklava, Halva etc. the rose jam is another winner.

Date Jam

Does your favorite supermarket carry Date Jam?? We don't think so!!

Eggplant Jam

(Greece) Ditto!!!

Fig Jam

In the Middle East Fig Jam is a must on every breakfast table. a recipe hand down from generation to generation.

Quince Jam

An East European favorite

Sour Cherry Jam

Sour Cherry Jams come from Eastern Europe.

Honey w/comb

All natural and delicious.

Peach Preserve

A taste of Summer

Walnut Preserve

A very original jam from a very ancient source (Greece)tickle your taste buds with and learn!

Mango Jam

Mango Jam Again we ask, does your supermarket carry this item?? the answer is still the same.NO!

Pistachio preserve

(Greece)Who knew such a hearty nut could be so sweet!

Cappuccino Coffee Candies

If you can't get a cup of coffee,this will do. the taste is so creamy you'll want a second cup...erh, piece. we sprincle lots of these in our Gift Baskets.

Jordan Almond Candies

Not just for weddings anymore!


Food from heaven (as mentioned in the Bible) this flavored candy is soft and chewy white Nougat loaded with pistachio nuts.

Sesame Honey Crunch Candies

Made with all natural ingredients,. We dare you to eat just one. very crunchy and delightful.

Rock Candy

Old world candy made with pure cane sugar, used therapeutically since the 12th century

Pistachio Halva

with lots of delicios Pistachios

Lokoum Mixed Nuts

Also known as Turkish Delight, comes with various nuts

Lokoum Plain

Just plain lokum without the nuts

Kras Opera Fine Chocolate

Gift box

Kras Chocolate w/Cherry

Gift Box

Kras Griotte

Gift Box

Kras Harmony

Milk Chocolate

Kras Symphony

Milk Chocolate

Lindt Almond Chocolate

Almond filled Swiss Milk Chocolate, nothing's tastier than sweet chocolate filled with fruits such as Orange, Raspberry etc... try one, you'll order the rest!


Pistachio filled Chocolate


Raspberry filled Chocolate


Orange filled Swiss Chocolate


Dark Chocolate


White Chocolate

Bitter Sweet Chocolate

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